Press and Presentations


$1.5 milllion grant aims to boost STEM in San Rafael schools - Marin News - March 1, 2014

SF State, San Rafael City Schools share $1.5 million grant - SF State News - February 26, 2014 (PDF here)


Physics Launches Program Aimed at Aspiring Teachers - SF State News - September 26th 2013 (PDF here)

First Noyce Fellows graduate from SF State - SF State News - May 21st 2013 (PDF here)

Eric Hsu Discusses Helping Teachers and Students Succeed in STEM - SF State News - March 7th 2013 (PDF here)


Letter of Welcome From Nancy Pelosi - National Ocean Sciences Bowl - March 3rd 2012


Faculty Profile of Dr. Eric Hsu "Math Education: A Fortunate Approach" by Kimberly Smith - INTERSCI Journal of the College of Science and Engineering - Spring 2011

"SF State's Math & Science Teacher Fellowship: Where Teachers Go To Grow" by Jamie Chan - INTERSCI Journal of the College of Science and Engineering - Spring 2011

CTFD Falcon Profile of Director Eric Hsu - The Garden - Volume 5 Issue 3 - March 2011

"(STEM)2 Faculty Profile: Dr. Eric Hsu" (STEM)2 is a Learn and Serve America grant supported initiative in the CSU to promote student success in STEM disciplines through service learning. Dr. Hsu was was one of the eleven initial faculty profiles highlighting work around the CSU system. April 2011 Link:

"Why I Teach: An educational trip to the Mojave Desert reminds Elizabeth Statmore why she teaches".  For KQED Perspectives, aired on Morning Edition Public Radio, April 20th 2011 Link:

"Pelosi puts spotlight on SF State" SFSU University Communications, March 4th 2011 Article Link:

"CSME Mission and Project Summary" SFSU Congressional Briefing, Washington DC - March 2 & 3rd 2011 PDF Link:

"San Francisco State STEM Education: Strengthening The Teacher Pipeline", SFSU Congressional Briefing, Washington DC, March 2 & 3rd 2011 - Power Point Link:

"Where Obama’s STEM Plan Works", Op Ed by Robert Corrigan, San Francisco Examiner - February 26th 2011 - Article Link:


"Partnerships Across Time and Space" and "Strengthening the University Teacher Pipeline: A Communities of Practice Perspective", Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2010 PDF Link:

"Supporting Cohorts of Teachers: Year Three", Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Irvine, CA. - January 2010


Panelist, “Strategies to Support Cohorts of Future Math and Science Teachers”, California Math Council - North, Asilomar Conference, December 2008.

Panelist, “Evaluation and Teaching Circles”, American Institute of Mathematics, June 2008.


Revitalizing Algebra” (with Judy Kysh and Diane Resek), California Math Council / North 49th Annual Asilomar Conference, December 2006.