As part of the MSTI Fellowship program, a number of SFSU science and math undergraduates pledge to help the community by working a number of hours (typically 15) in classrooms and other educational settings.

Classroom Assistants

One popular activity is for the undergraduates to serve as assistants in K-12 classrooms. What they do is entirely up to the agreement of the assistant and teacher, but typically assistants will help students in small groups or observe the classrooms.  In some situations, assistants have even collaborated with teachers on lessons.

Please contact CSME if you are a teacher interested in having a student assistant.

Tutoring and Grading

Many undergraduates are involved in local tutoring efforts.  In 2009, CSME supported the UGM (the undergraduate math club) in putting together a a mini-mentor program for academically at-risk students from Herbert Hoover Middle School called TRUE-SF.

Another interesting activity is grading!  There are a number of local efforts to give students richer assessments (most recently in Jefferson Elementary School District). These assessments need trained human eyes to grade, and our undergraduates have helped.

Other Projects

CSME supports a large number of other education projects in the College of Science and Engineering that are making a difference in the community. Please see the Projects page for more information.