CSME wants to support innovation in science and math teaching and learning at the elementary, secondary and college levels.

Teaching Resource Center

CSME has a for mathematics teaching, including textbooks and manipulatives. CSME also supports the work of our partners SEPAL in their curating a Science Education Resource Center.

Classroom Assistants

As part of the program, a number of SFSU science and math undergraduates pledge to work a number of hours (typically 15) in classrooms and other educational settings.

One popular activity is for the undergraduates to serve as assistants in K-12 classrooms. What they do is entirely up to the agreement of the assistant and teacher, but typically assistants will help students in small groups or observe the classrooms.  In some situations, assistants have even collaborated with teachers on lessons.

Please contact CSME if you are a teacher interested in having a student assistant.