Our Projects

These are projects and resources that are directly managed by CSME.  CSME Teaching Fellowship with funding from the CSU MSTI program.  Each year, CSME supports a community of more than 70 STEM majors planning to be K-12 teachers.  Since its founding in 2008, the Fellows have performed over 7,250 hours of educational community service for local schools, nonprofits and community groups. They commit to supporting and mentoring each other in regular community gatherings.  The Fellows receive stipends to reduce the students’ need to work part-time, extra mentoring, and access to a dedicated study center.  We have also supported their winning of over $216,000 in scholarships from outside sources.  The program has increased the number of STEM teachers going to SFSU credential program, increased STEM credentials awarded, and gotten high satisfaction ratings.  The CSU Chancellor's Office calls it "a model for the state and nation." An outside evaluator praised it as "an oasis at a large state university."