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Sea Lion Bowl Volunteers Needed

The 2010 Sea Lion Bowl will be held on Saturday, March 6 at San Francisco State University. The Sea Lion Bowl is a rigorous, day-long academic competition for high school students modeled after the National Science Bowl. The NOSB began in 1998, The Year of the Ocean, as a way to encourage high school students and teachers to learn more about the ocean and ocean exploration. The NOSB provides a venue for students who excel in math and science to receive regional and national recognition for their diligence and talents while broadening their awareness and understanding of ocean science.

In order to have the competition run smoothly, at least 70 trained volunteers are needed, and they fill a number of volunteer positions: Moderators, Science Judges, Rules Judges, Score Keepers, Time Keepers, Runners, Question Graders, Set-up and Clean-up folks and help during the training sessions. For information on the different roles for Sea Lion Bowl officials please see the volunteer page.

Why Volunteer?
You will be inspired by the academic excellence of amazing young people, feel great about helping to ensure a successful competition, get to work with other ocean science enthusiasts, and receive your very own Sea Lion Bowl T-Shirt!

Potential volunteers should plan to attend at least one training, ideally including a team practice session, to get the best feel for the actual competition. Please click here for volunteer training dates.

If Interested Please Contact:
Erin Blackwood, Regional Coordinator
P: (415) 338-3757

Photo by Blind Grasshopper

Photo by Blind Grasshopper

MSTI Meeting: Exploring the Teaching Pathway

Exploring The Teaching Pathway: Credential Programs, Life as a Student Teacher, and Beyond…

The Math & Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) has invited faculty and staff from the College of Education and MSTI Alumni to speak to you on February 3rd from 4-6pm in HH 245.

  • Learn about the credential application process for math and science
  • Hear about life as a newly credentialed teacher in Bay Area Classrooms
  • Ask questions about the current employment climate in the Bay Area

Speakers include:

Judy Kysh- Associate Professor, Secondary Education Department

Larry Horvath- Assistant Professor, Secondary Education Department

Lucie Fields- Admissions Specialist, Teach Preparation Center

Sara Bigelow- SFSU Alum/Teacher

Adam Anaya- Teacher Intern & more….

This event is open to all SFSU and incoming transfer students. Dinner will be provided.

Please RVSP today in SCI 211 or by emailing Jamie Chan at

Paid Professional Development Training at LLNL

The Academies Creating Teacher Scientists (ACTS) program is offered by the Department of Energy at Livermore Laboratory to create a cadre of science teacher leaders.  This three-year program will enable teachers to establish long-term relationships with mentor scientists, and participate as members of a research team at LLNL.
Teachers selected to attend will choose to participate in one of these content areas: Biotechnology, Fusion-Astrophysics, or Energy Technologies.
Participants will have the opportunity to attend hands-on learning instruction to develop knowledge and skills, and participate in a mentored research internship to develop an understanding of the research process.
Middle School, High School science teachers.
June 14, 2010.
Each of the three years you will receive up to:
$800 per week of study (Up to $6400 in a summer)
$2000 professional development and equipment purchases.
For additional information please contact Richard Farnsworth at .

CSET and CBEST Prep Classes

City College of San Francisco’s Teacher Prep Center, in partnership with the Learning Assistance Center, is offering test prep courses this spring.

CLICK HERE for CSET Prep Course Information

CLICK HERE for CBEST Prep Course Information

Each course fee is $10-13 and a $17 health fee may apply. MSTI Members and Fellows can be reimbursed after enrolling in the course. You must be enrolled at CCSF to attend.

Please click here to register!

For additional information please contact the Teacher Prep Center at (415) 239-3890.

Astrobiology Summer Institute for High School Teachers

The Astrobiology Summer Science Experience for Teachers, or ASSET, is being held July 18-24, 2010, at San Francisco State University. ASSET will feature presentations by leading astrobiology researchers from the SETI Institute, NASA and the California Academy of Sciences. Scientists will share the latest in astrobiology research on the origin of life on Earth, the extreme conditions in which life exists, Mars exploration, the formation of planetary systems around sun-like stars, and the search for life in the universe.

The 6-day workshop features a combination of cutting-edge science, inquiry-based teaching and learning, and leadership skills development to support teachers and teacher trainers.

Participants receive the entire Voyages Through Time curriculum and complementary astrobiology materials, developed by NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, for use in their classrooms.

Applications are due Feb. 12, 2010.

For more information please click here.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Pamela Harman at 650-960-4523 or

FREE ADMISSION to California Academy of Sciences

Cal Acad Image

To learn more about other teacher opportunities please click here.

Graduate Student Assistant Position for Spring 2010

Job Description

Assist Upper Division Hematology class instructor, Dr. Leslie Tobler, during lab period.  This opportunity is once a week, Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Duties include: set-up and break down of labs, assisting students with cell identification grading quizzes and lab exercises.

Criteria and Skills

Classified Graduate Student enrolled in a minimum of 3 units with at least a 3.00 gpa. (Biology, health sciences or laboratory/clinical field preferred)

Applicant must have basic computer skills and good communication skills.

How to Apply

Please email Dr. Leslie Tobler

Please click here for further details

Boston University’s Noyce Scholarships in Mathematics

Boston University, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation is pleased to announce a new scholarship program to prepare middle school and high school teachers. The Noyce Scholars program is for highly qualified students who majored in mathematics or have a very strong background in mathematics. Noyce Scholars must be interested in urban education and working with a diverse group of young people.

Noyce Scholars receive:
A full scholarship to Boston University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program in mathematics.

Noyce Scholars commit to:
Teaching for at least two years in a high-need district upon successful completion of the MAT degree program.

1.    Noyce scholars must have majored in mathematics or majored in a STEM field and have taken 6-7courses in mathematics or have taken mathematics courses starting with Calculus I equivalent to a minor in mathematics.
2.    Noyce scholars must be United States citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens.
3.    Noyce scholars must commit to teach for at least two years in a high-need district upon successful completion of the teacher certification program.

1.    Apply to the MAT program click here.
2.    Fill out the financial assistance application click here.
3.    Complete the Noyce Scholarships supplemental application click here.
4.    Take the GRE exam and send scores to BU.

Dr. Suzanne Chapin
Boston University
Two Silber Way
Boston, MA 02215

Please click here for further details about this scholarship program.