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Tutor Position Opening up in Marin!

Greeting SFSU Mathies, the learning/tutoring center in Marin are hiring 1-2 new tutors like last semester. They need people to fill several 2-hour shifts, likely for most of 3:30-9:30 Mon-Thurs, with the possibility of Sundays. Tutors can typically expect between 10 to 20 hours each week. Most tutoring is done through these 2-hour group sessions. The pay is pretty fair, starting at ~$30-35 per hour, depending on experience. The bulk of the hours begins at the end of October decisions are made by the end of September so that the new tutor(s) can attend some staff training and some trial group sessions to make sure there’s a good fit. The learning center emphasizes inner development in addition to success in school. This is a really great place to work. For the record, we hired a couple of SFSU grad students last semester and they both seemed to enjoy the experience.

We have a preference for grad students with teaching and tutoring experience, but will consider the right undergrad. The center also prefer candidates that currently live in Marin or have a car to be able to get here easily. The late hours can make bus transit more difficult, but they’ll still hire the best candidate(s), though. Bonus points for science and foreign language strength.

Check out for more information. If you’re interested, please send Eric Disdad a brief cover letter and a resume.