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English and Math Program Consultant

Mission Graduates are looking for consultants to develop an English and Math program using a social justice framework that will aid our high school seniors in strengthening their fundamental English and Math comprehension skills.  70% of our students in the last two years upon entering college were required to take remediation (or basic skills) courses at their perspective institutions of higher learning.  The objective of the support programs are to assist students in scoring higher on English and Math placement exams and/ or minimize or bypass required remediation courses once they transition to college.  The program will train volunteers to work with students one-on-one, once a week through their senior year.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience teaching high school math or English or skill building courses at a community college.
  • A passion for working with first-generation college bound youth of color.
  • A belief in education equity.
  • A Master’s in math or English (preferable, but not required).

To Apply, please send your resume and cover to Catherine Marroquin at . This position is open until filled. For more information about Mission Graduates or the College Connect program, go to

Middle School Coordinators

The French-American International School is seeking a Middle School Coordinator to assist the principal in organizing and fostering a positive, safe environment that is conducive to best meeting the needs of all students, staff and parents. The Middle School Coordinator will coordinate all aspects of the school.

Job Duties include:

  • COMMUNICATION: Compose, edit, proof, and plan for the distribution of middle school communications via letter, e-mail, web-site, to students, parents, faculty, and administration. Translate the principal’s documents from French into English. Organize and update MS Principal’s appointments, agenda and calendar. Maintain confidentiality with student, teacher or family matters as required, good technical skills and knowledge of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, required.

  • ADMISSIONS: Liaise with Director of H.S. Admission to plan and schedule retention events and 8th grade visits to the H.S. Liaise with L.S. Admission Office and families of visiting and/or prospective students to schedule visits, inform involved teachers and welcome the families/students and show them around. Assist 8th grade families and the FAIS registrar with applications to other high schools; assist Principal with letters of recommendation.

  • FIELD TRIPS/EVENTS/MEETINGS: Ensure that events, fieldtrips and meetings involving students, counselors, teachers and/or parents are planned, scheduled, supervised and publicized appropriately. Liaise with LS, HS and CAIS to ensure that there are no conflicts with meeting times or locations. Liaise with NCIS for set up needs. Help Principal decide on agenda items for meetings. Coordinate with caterers and/or order and set up refreshments when necessary. Back to School Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Move up Day.

  • REPORT CARDS:  Reproduce and distribute report cards to faculty. Review report cards and follow up with teachers to ensure cards are filled out completely and signed before copying them and sending them out to families. Ensure registrar receives copies of report cards. Update students’ academic files.

  • EXAMS: Produce schedules for academic and standardized exams. Order ERB exams and results, make balanced exam schedules, prepare exam cover sheets and folders with lists of students who need extra time, guidelines for proctors to follow, check to make sure all teachers have prepared exams, follow up as necessary.

  • SCHEDULES: Maintain, update, publish and distribute class lists, teacher, student and room schedules. Help HS Vice-Principal with scheduling and maintain accurate schedules for teachers and classes year-round

  • FACULTY: Help when they need it with supplies, PO’s, reimbursements, field trip forms and reservations, letters of recommendation from the Principal, books, cahiers, faxes. Coordinate with Dean of Students as needed.

  • PARENTS: Tend to parents in person and on the phone. Follow-up with Principal and/or teachers and/or counselors on questions and concerns parents have about their children.

  • PARENT BOARD: Make room reservation, help with practicalities on school ground; follow up on recommendations made during parent board meetings.

  • STUDENTS/STUDENT COUNCIL:  Be available to students when they need to tell an adult about a problem, order food, call home, find a teacher, find a lost item, get a new cahier, sign up for an activity, get a permission slip, see the Principal, etc. Work with Principal on student council meetings/agendas, events, etc.

  • PURCHASING: Assist Principal in tracking purchase orders and Middle School expenditures and liaise with Administrative Services in matters. Place orders for classroom and administrative material.

  • EXPLORATION CLASSES: assist with the sign up, registration and successful implementation of the exploration class program, communication of offering in a timely manner to MS community

  • SHARED SPACES: Reserve and manage  shared spaces calanders for faculty and staff.

  • ADDITIONAL SUMMER DUTIES: Organize and update archives of students’ academic files, provide assistance to the Upper School administration with scheduling and other duties as needed, database update including class lists/rosters, prepare classrooms for start of the school year (buy clocks, calendars, maps, post schedules, etc)

  • Other duties as assigned